HAIN@Survival Hiking Boot Laces – Wilderness Survival Emergency Fire Starter – 550 Paracord Laces with Ferro Rod Tips and Smoothed Steel Striker Tools (Green)

Product Features

  • The Original Flint Laces(2 pieces) - The tools to make a fire are AlWAYS with you,including Seven core Paracord(pulling force: 550lbs), Fire Stick and Flint Fire Scraper.
  • Essential Wilderness Survival Gear- A practical multi-function addition to any EDC or survival kit,Slimmer diameter Ferro tips fit in wide range of hiking boots, hunting boots, tactical boots and more.
  • 300 Degrees Fahrenheit- Ferro Rod produces a shower of HOT SPARKS capable of igniting a wide range of tinder in any climate.
  • Reusable Fire Starter- Each pair contains 4 removable Ferro Rods that can be used multiple times and reinserted into laces and Quick access flints -Quick access flints secured firmly to metal base for improving grip function when you are making a fire. No need to cut your laces.
  • Check out our NEWEST EDITION of Hiking Boot Laces with Steel Smoothed Striker Tools included
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Product Description

Ask any outdoors man what’s the most important element of surviving the wilderness, and odds are, he’ll say redundancy in all things – if one tool fails, it’s essential to always have some sort of backup (and maybe even a backup for your backup). And that’s exactly what makes Flint Laces so vital: they give you an alternative means of making fire for when your matches get wet and your lighter won’t spark.

Fire Making with these tools is the same as using any other flint and steel system. Starting a fire with them is a skill and should be researched and practiced to proficiency.
– If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason send it back within 30 days for a full refund
Buy Now With Peace of Mind Knowing You or Your Loved Ones Will Always Be Prepared For Worst Case Scenarios.

Sizing Guide:
Count how many hole pairs there is on your boot and then order the corresponding shoelace length.
5 – 6 : 45″
7 – 8 : 63″
9 – 10 : 84″
11 – 12 : 108″

Diameter of the tips are 4mm at the widest point. Measure shoelace hole to make sure they will fit.
-Patent Pending-

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