Prepping Hacks For Survival: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On Lifesaving Disaster Preparedness Tips, Strategies, and DIY Hacks For Surviving Any Catastrophe That Comes Your Way

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    Are you, along with thousands if not millions of other everyday people, hugely concerned about the way things are going in our unstable and unpredictable world?

    Are you worried about the possibility of a natural catastrophe, an EMP attack that would cause the power grid to collapse, a government takeover in the form of martial law, an economic collapse that could be worse than the Great Depression, a nuclear power plant accident, or any other kind of devastating disaster that you can think of?

    And most importantly, do you have the skills and knowledge you need to protect your family and friends in the event that such a nationwide wide calamity does indeed happen?

    If so, there is no reason to deny that you aren’t. Millions of people throughout the world, and especially in the United States, have spent the last several years taking very drastic and critical steps to prepare themselves and their families for a large scale and long term emergency scenario. It’s never too late to start doing so yourself.

    So what can you do to start preparing yourself and your family for disaster? The very first thing you need to do is start accumulating knowledge. Only after you have gained knowledge will you be able to convert that knowledge into a useful and lifesaving skill set.

    This book will serve as an excellent introduction to many of the different hacks that will come in handy during any kind of a survival or disaster situation. Prepping in general is a massive responsibility that you take not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well.

    Ultimately, how much knowledge you have about survival and disaster preparedness and how well you are able to turn that knowledge into skills will definitely mean the difference between life and death.

    Now is it possible that a large scale disaster may never happen, at least not in your lifetime? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare yourself anyway. After all, the old saying goes that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    A scary aspect of disaster preparedness is that we have absolutely no control over when, where, or how it will happen. When it does occur, it will take us by completely surprise and throw us into survival mode in the blink of an instinct. This is why it is always better to be prepared than to not be prepared.

    The very fact that you’re reading this book right now is evidence that you agree with what I am saying in this introduction. You agree that a massive disaster could indeed impact you and your family, and you agree that you need to start gathering knowledge so that you can start to take action immediately.

    In this book, we’re going to go through specific categories (or perhaps more appropriately, priorities) that are related to survival and specific hacks, tips, and strategies that you can follow for each one, including:

    -Hacks For Adopting the Survival Mentality
    -Hacks For Avoiding Common Survival Mistakes
    -Hacks For Gathering and Storing Food
    -Hacks For Collecting and Storing Water
    -Hacks For Applying First Aid
    -Hacks For Home Security and Personal Defense

    By the end of this book, you will be much more knowledgeable on survival and disaster preparedness, and you will then be able to start transforming that knowledge into a valuable skill set.

    Now granted, should this book be the only survival or prepping book that you read in your entire life? Of course not. You can never learn too much information and therefore you should never stop reading.

    The purpose of this book is solely to introduce you to disaster preparedness hacks or to otherwise teach you some hacks you may not have thought of even if you already have begun learning.


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