Real World Survival Tips and Survival Guide: Preparing for and Surviving Disasters with Survival Skills (Disaster Preparation and Survival series Book 1)

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    Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family in a Disaster Without Breaking The Bank

    What if you could dramatically improve your chances of survival after a disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, fire, tsunami, hurricane, or flood? Don’t you want to ensure that your children and other family members are safe even after the “big one” (earthquake) or a hurricane? Wouldn’t you like to have enough food and water to survive until help arrives?

    Trained by the experts at CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team) to understand how to prepare for and survive disasters, and a leader in the area of Disaster Recovery, Richard Lowe lays out how to make you, your family, and your friends ready for any disaster, large or small. Based upon specialized training, interviews with experts and personal experience, Lowe answers the big question: what is the secret to improving the odds of survival even after a big disaster?

    Do you want to be at the mercy of government agencies such as FEMA? Do you remember how long it took for them to respond to the Category 5 Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 or the Category 3 Hurricane Sandy in 2012? You don’t have to be a prepper worried about the day shtf (s**t hits the fan) or spend a lot of money and time to get ready. In fact, with just a few simple steps you can improve the odds of the survival of you and your family.

    Don’t be one of those people who don’t prepare for disasters and emergencies. In just a few short hours it is possible to create a simple but effective plan to cover the most likely scenarios for disaster in your area.

    In this book, you’ll learn:

    • Why you can’t depend on the fire and police departments in a disaster, and what to do about it
    • How research can keep you alive and your family and children safe during a disaster
    • How to teach your children how to respond to a disaster
    • How to find out what kinds of disasters area likely to occur in your area
    • How to create a disaster plan that actually works
    • How to ensure your family and children understand what to do in a disaster
    • How to let others know you and your family are safe
    • How to prepare your home for emergencies
    • What food, water and other supplies are required in your emergency kit
    • How to prepare for outings and trips
    • What to do when disaster strikes
    • How to create a bug out bag (also known as a go bag or survival bag) to be ready for evacuations
    • What to do when you are ordered to evacuate
    • Practical water collection for drinking and hygiene


    Back in 1994, I was sleeping peacefully in my home in Hollywood. Suddenly, I was awake. Something was not right. The earth was gently rocking, and a few seconds later the shaking became a violent up and down motion.

    My late wife, Claudia, was beside me, snoring softly. Her eyes snapped open and i pushed her off the bed onto the floor, and followed quickly, shielding her with my body.

    The shaking lasted forever (so it seemed) and when all was done our place was devastated. Our home was intact, no damage there, but the furniture was everywhere, books had fallen, and broken glass littered the kitchen floor…

    What will you do when disaster strikes? Are you ready? Do you have an evacuation bag (also known as a bug out or go bag?) How do you let your family know you are safe?

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