Survival Tips for Normal People: Tips and Info on Getting Ready for Disaster

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    Survival Tips for Normal People

    Tips and Info on Getting Ready for Disaster

    Our authorities – and our crazy disaster/zombie apocalypse friends – tell us all from time to time to be prepared for any sort of disaster. And while we know that we should have some sort of plan, most people remain unprepared. At the time of such catastrophic events is not the time to get ready. Right now is the time. When things are relatively quiet. In this book the author gives you practical, no nonsense advice on preparing for and then surviving a disaster. This book wasn’t written for the the ‘prepper’ or survival expert. Rather, it was written for the everyday person who has that nagging feeling they aren’t prepared, but they don’t have the time or inclination to study every book, magazine and web-site on the subject. In other words, this book is for you!

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